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Welcome to The Madrid International Business Club

Where Great Things Get Started


The  "Movers & Shakers" Club

Prestige Clubs, is now opening its second Exclusive Private Members Club: the Madrid International Business Club.

The Madrid International Business Club is the premiere private business club in the Madrid’s area, which brings together only senior executives involved in the company’s general decision-making processes at top level as well as corporate leaders and business-related opinion makers.

With a tradition of excellence, the Club exudes prestige and style, encouraging professional and social networking, providing exclusive meetings, events or business forums - all of which add value and positive experiences for Members.

It has strong rules of non-selling approach which ensures that business relationships are built through good old fashion discussions and debates regarding business issues and current affairs.

For "Decision Makers"

The Club admits Business Owners, Chairmen, CEOs and other highly placed professionals with reputable companies who believe in expanding their businesses, trades and professional horizons and wish to be part of an elite clubbing initiative that creates opportunities through series of members’ services, events and specially created activities

The Club courts an entrepreneurial culture and spirit as well as creates valuable meetings or events that seek to inspire, challenge the mainstream thinking, shape and help the personal as well as professional growth of all members.

The vital credentials for membership at The Barcelona International Business Club are the desire to give and receive advice, be open to discussion and debate with regards to business & social aspects, be willing to share experience and knowledge.

All that you would expect in terms of Club Meetings, services and privacy are the Club’s admired attributes.

Founding & Advisory Board

The Madrid International Business Club's Advisory Board is going to be composed of 25 talented and highly experienced business corporate members from diverse enterprises located around Madrid. The Advisory Board values, supports and guides this world-class, finest Business Club.

The primary objectives are to advise the Club's Executives about social and business community issues, raise awareness about the important role of fair leadership and the positive impact of the MIBC in the community by being advocates for excellence and trust.

Currently, MIBC Advisory Board Members participate in a number of outreach initiatives aimed at enhancing diversity in the Club.
Advisory Board provides guidance to Club Management to ensure the Club has an exceptional schedule of events and activities, which add value to being a Member and enhances usage and life at the Club.

Their role is also to ensure the quality of our Club's Life by giving recommendations on strategic actions to be taken by the Club's CEO. In addition, the Advisory Board's task is to help the roster of club members to grow steadily and advise and assist the management, so that the balance and quality of members is always maintained.

Advisory Board Members also encourage other members to get involved with the Club of “Movers & Shakers” and connect directly with like-minded executives and professionals that have already joined the Club

MIBC Founding & Advisory Board Members

Mr. Luis Pardo

MIBC Advisory Board Chairman
Executive President & CEO
Sage Iberia

Mr. Daniel Romero-Abreu

Chief Executive Officer
Thinking Heads

Mr. Juan Pablo Herrera

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Ernesto Caccavale

Director Spain & Portugal
Alibaba Group

Ms. Verónica García

General Manager
Heritage Hotel Madrid
- Relais & Châteaux -

Mr. Juan Luis Polo

Corporate General Manager
Good Rebels
 - President at DIG -

Membership Admission Criteria

  • Minimum 7 years in executive / decision making position at top level
  • Titles representing this position may include President, Chairman of the Board, CEO, Managing Director, Managing Partner or Associate
  • The candidate in his/her professional track record must have an experience in leadership of at least 30 regular, full-time employees or the equivalent under his or her control
  • The applicant in his/her curriculum must have an experience in management of at least 5 million euros of company’s turnover
  • Invitation from MIBC Membership Committee or Recommendation from the current Member

MIBC Memberships

The Madrid International Business Club has adopted a policy of “Membership by Invitation Only”. This means that every new Member who joins the Club must be recommended by, and / or receive an invitation from the Club.Members' nominees must be approved by the Admissions Committee.

The Committee's task is to help the roster of club members to grow steadily and advise and assist the management so the balance, quality and compatibility of members is always maintained.

While nine out of ten companies or individuals who join the Barcelona International Business Club will do so by invitation, applications are also accepted by the Club. Applications are considered by the Membership Committee, after careful screening by the Membership department, when references have been taken up

Membership Types:

1. Individual / Executive Membership
2. Corporate Membership
3. Diplomatic Membership
4. Lifetime Membership

Special Openning Membership Fees until November 15, 2018

MIBC Memberships & Cooperation




Advisory Board & Founding Members

Advisory Board provides guidance to the Club Management to ensure exceptional Members' Services. Their role is also to ensure the quality of Club's Life by giving recommendations on strategic actions to be taken by the Club's CEO.


Long Term Partnerships

An excellent business club community partnership should aim to be around for the long-term, producing bigger, better and longer-lasting benefits for those involved. The Club will cooperate with up to five companies to support and actively promote their brands among members via all available communications and internal marketing tools.


Corporate Memberships

Corporate memberships can be acquired in the name of a company. Commercial, professional businesses and partnerships can also apply for this membership type. The Company may propose more than two persons who wish to take advantage of Madrid International Business Club.


Venue Partnership - Not Available

Club locations is very important for the Club and we are now searching the best option to allocate meetings, events and members’ social life. A preferred option is 5 or 4 star hotel, located in the heart of the city that will guarantee privileged access and high-end F&B services.


Executive / Individual Memberships

Executive Membership can be acquired in the name of a company with single management structure, company owners or by Individuals. Must have required proven business track record or background which will be assessed by Club's Admission Committee.


Media Partership

An exclusive cooperation between the Club and selected media will bring mutually beneficial promotion and publicity. The Club is eager to deliver in exclusivity of content materials, exclusive interviews, as well as outcomes and meeting summaries.