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Business and Social Private Meetings

The best business happens in the right timing, deserved circumstances and naturally

The Madrid International Business Club is committed to holding regular events for its Members, providing exceptional networking, valuable information and enjoyable experiences. Members are invited to over 30 meetings throughout the year.

Additionally, The Club is holding two major events with special purpose of gathering all members and its invitees. The aim is to add value to being a Member and enhance life at the Club through events that are interesting, useful and popular Over the year, expect business forums with guest speakers, leadership & entrepreneurship forums, themed dinners, gourmet or “evenings with style” events, with outstanding guests.

MIBC Membership team will help you connect

Club’s meetings also connect our Members together and faciltiate advanced networking, exchange and business opportunities. Next to Members and a club’s premises, nothing shapes the standing of a Club as much as the quality of its events.

The Club creates a unique environment for business, professional meetings, the exchange of ideas and entertainment. Building national & international business networks is one of the Club's most important objectives. Businessmen from Spain and other associated business clubs can meet at MIBC for private and business exchanges.

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